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    I’ve got grim news for “We The People” about our economy. First, we do not need more “growth” in people because the only way we’ll get it is to import more fertile aliens by the millions. Our own citizens don’t have enough kids to grow our population. Where is the logic in “growth” that all politicians are for, when there are no limits? The laws of nature says nearly everything has limits, including too many rats in a cage. Its senseless, and in fact excessive growth (overpopulation) causes all problems to get worse! Here’s what we face. Our nation is bankrupt and will run out of money (again) on Sept. 30, 2017, and (again) we (the people) will have to print and borrow another $1 trillion+ to keep us afloat for another 6 months until we run out of money again, and so on until we collapse. Get ready for huge job losses when we have government layoffs and shutdowns! Then with technology we will continue to lose jobs to robots, automation, and Watson. If you watched the best player of the game show called “Jeopardy” then you know Watson is only computer software. So we can also throw privacy out the door as well. Imagine the Gestapo having the spy technology we’re getting now! And don’t forget all the jobs we have exported because other nations have cheaper labor with less benefits, lower environmental standards, and workers are a dime-a-dozen. On climate change, it is real, however I agree with Vicky that there are “frauds associated with it” like there are frauds associated with everything. That is because of the greedy and thoughtless mentalities of the homo sapiens. On the Chinese taking over part of Idaho and Utah, there is some truths to that as well. First, China is overpopulated and wants to expand over as much as the planet as they can. One thing they like about Idaho and Utah is the under-population we have and our desire for unlimited growth (we want to become like them!) We’re glad to pave over our farms for a Chinese or other nationality owned factory for more growth. Know that when the Chinese visit the USA, visiting Utah and Idaho is in their top 6 desired destinations along with San Francisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York City, and Chicago. Here it’s Yellowstone National Park they want to see, and to get there most of them fly into Salt Lake City and commute through Idaho to get there and back. Even as tourists they realize the potential profits in our “growth” (without limits) mentality. So there’s my slant.

    Pakistan & North Korea are increasing their nuke stockpiles, while other nations are gaining technology and supplies to do the same. If you think 9/11 was scary, just wait until 9/30/17 or soon after!

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      It’s communism Kenny – except they aren’t redistributing wealth. They are redistributing population which diminishes wealth because a lot of the people they are importing are people who are slugs on the backs of humanity. The others who are being imported are taking the professional jobs so that Americans will be impoverished and unable to fight back.

      If people don’t get this whole thing figured out pretty fast, preservation of the environment won’t make a damn bit of difference. Who cares about preserving the environment for the foreign occupiers? I sure as hell don’t.

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        Your comment reminds me of a good pamphlet I just finished reading” Congressional Record-UNESCO-Communism’s Trap for Our Youth”(1962) It is in epub, kindle, and other formats for smartphones and readers < link to archive's file, free.

        Mr Kenny mentions spy technology, if that interests him, he may want to look into FirstNet, which states have already signed up for. States opting out are punished by FirstNet's demanding they prove why they should NOT implement it, with professionally prepared statistics, alternatives, etc laundry list. Basically, accept it or die by a thousand cuts:

        "“These estimates indicate the cost to construct and operate such a network could be from $12 to $47 billion over the first 10 years,” the report states.

        However, because FirstNet was established as a public-private partnership the authority will receive no further federal funding, once $6.5 billion is used to build the network."–15-years-after-911-FirstNet-public-safety-broadband-remains-offline-393632091.html
        Already past 47 billion USD, by the way- article in The Atlantic which I did not add link.

        The FirstNet spytools will allow police to answer a 911 call, and as they approach your address, they will have a 3D camera with little "thought bubbles" of your social network posts- Facebook, NYTimes anonymous comments, your cellphone activity, water bill, dog license, everything- in REAL TIME. With your smartmeter they'll know whether you're even in the back study watching TV or on your computer. This is not an exaggeration it is real.

        About China, this is a serious threat. Not just speaking of the political standing of the United States as a nation (which is a giant threat in itself) but the economic threat as well. China is getting stronger while we are getting weaker. Try buying anything that is new that is not Made in China. We sold out, and I don't remember hearing a lot of concern over it..

        "Them belly full"

        Mr Kenny if you believe in the "population bomb", I would recommend you do diligent research on who started the idea, and why. Remember, we found years later that Rachel Carlson's Silent Spring was bogus. There is an illustration image out there on the web somewhere, you can find the entire population of the world's human beings sitting comfortably into a niche that fits into a fraction of the Grand Canyon. Anyone who's ever driven cross country can see with their own eyes this country is a large one with mostly empty space, populated heavily on spots on the coasts and a few places in the Midwest, sprinkled around here and there. I drove through Arizona and Utah and there are still areas that are so unpopulated and uncivilized I got no cell service in three hours of straight driving. Nothing to see anywhere. The population rumor is a method of control, not of real ecology. Nothing wrong with ecology! Plenty wrong with BS disguised as good will.



          Wow Kristin, you were on a roll. I haven’t looked at FirstNet but I see that I’m going to have to do that. I just went to their website and what do you know? They are an independent authority under the Department of Commerce. Since it’s the 911 network, it should have been done by a law enforcement agency. That’s a clear red flag right there.

          You’re right about the de-population agenda. That’s why muslims are being brought in. There is a covert war on the American people – but it’s a quiet war and all of our politicians are just whores who have been bought.



            Oh… and look at who is on the Board of Directors – the DHS Secretary, John Kelly. Holy Smokes!



          And look at who is on the Board of Directors – the DHS Secretary, John Kelly. Holy Smokes! And Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s choice for OMB director. And Jeff Sessions.

          This IS the nightmare.



          Something else… when I researched libertarians and the beginning of the libertarian party (libertines), I traced them back to a movement to privatize the Fire Department in Scottsdale, AZ. Scottsdale is a very exclusive and very wealthy community. They could obviously afford to have private Fire Department services in the outlying areas. They used the “success” of that venture to promote privatization of all government services – as if government wasn’t necessary at all. Of course, we peons can’t afford to buy individual services that government provides. That’s why government provides them. We all contribute through our taxes and they provide the common services that we all need. The libertines (pirates) have targeted those services that are essential – health care, police, fire, water, utilities, etc. When they have privatized all of those things, people will be slaves (the ones that survive that is).



          Go to my old website and do a search on NTIA. On the FirstNet website scroll down to the footer area (brown background), you’ll see the NTIA logo right next to the Department of Commerce logo. And where is the network? Reston, VA.

          Kristin, you found the nest of vipers – the American STASI.


          Miss Kenny

          Kriistin, It looks like you and I agree on many things here, maybe everything except on population growth, and on that subject I am way way ahead of you. I’ve had discussions on the subject 1000s of times. I could write my own books on why we should have limits to growth, especially for a good quality of life not to mention sustainability. I don’t need to travel through Arizona and Utah, nor do I need to travel millions of miles in all 50 states and 100 nations, although I have. I know well the consequences of living in overcrowded, incompatible, unfair, toxic, controlled (by undesirable controllers/regulations), dangerous, expensive, etc. conditions. Not sure why you think we should have no limits and that the world’s population could fit into a crack of the Grand Canyon, but commonly I hear the religious viewpoint of “Multiply and Replenish the Earth” BS. I’ll bet god did not say “Multiply and Overpopulate the Earth” either. Hey I’ve got one better theory for you about fitting all the people of the world into a crack of the Grand Canyon! How about also fitting the entire earth into that same space! Well, in theory it can be done. Send the planet into a big enough Black Hole where our molecules would compress us down into that space? My point being, do you really want to live under those crowded conditions? Do you really think man lives on land (not bread) alone?

          If we have so much room for billions more then let’s invite the entire continents of Africa & South America, and all muslim nations, and all of Asia (India, China, etc), and the rest, to live in your town? Think beyond space please!

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    There are no coincidences.
    Anyone else make a note on how the media are quick to get personal medical information off of all these shooters?”Had a history of mental illness” was blared about the Leftist guy, and I think- without bothering to look it up, on the UPS shooter as well- he has an Asian name by the way- not sure if that matters. It is because of HIPPA not in spite of it. Anyway I do agree with Vicky on this one. I am curious as to how they are able to accomplish these acts? do they hypnotize someone? Take someone who already has mental problems and ease them into committing these acts? With all the “research” stuff going on I wonder if there may be some hand in some new type of mental control or shaping.

    By the way I was listening to one of the GovernAmerica podcasts again, a caller advised listeners to not sign HIPPA releases. I am going to try this next medical appointment. If it is met with resistance by staff, if they say “it’s the law” it is not the law, it is an act, as the caller said. I do not want Channel Nine news team blaring about my prescriptions or that I saw a psychiatrist in 1979 or was on meds. Considering they get this information just on people in the news, means I take it they can get it for anyone. Very scary.

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    There stood the Hotel Manager and a bartender at the bar. A little yellow man walked in and asked for a packet of Potato Crisps. The Barman brought him the Crisps.
    The little yellow man changed his mind saying, “No I’ll go for a packet of Salted Peanuts instead.” The Barman got him the peanuts.
    The little yellow man decided he would prefer a packet of cigarettes to the peanuts. The Barman complied with his wishes bringing him the Cigarettes in place of.
    The little yellow man testing the barman’s patience yet once again, instead of the cigarettes, opted for a glass of beer.
    Are you sure that is what you want asked the Barman, and promptly poured a foaming head of beer for him.
    The little yellow man, drank it, thanked him, and turned to leave the bar.
    The Barman said, “Hey, what about paying for the beer?”
    The little yellow man, indignant and feeling somewhat vilified by the barman, replied, “I gave you the cigarettes for the beer.”
    The Barman said, “But you didn’t pay for the cigarettes.”
    The little yellow man, replied, “But I traded the peanuts for the cigarettes, didn’t I ?”
    The Barman was starting to lose it, and demanded, “Then pay me for the peanuts.”
    The little yellow man refused, saying, “No I won’t. I gave you the Potato Crisps in exchange for them.”
    The Barman, exasperated, again appealed this time for the payment on the Potato Crisps.
    The little yellow man floored him, saying, “No, I’m not paying for the Crisps” The Barman asked, “Why?”
    At this point the Hotel Manager, having overheard the discourse, chimed in, “You’ve reached the end of the line now little yellow man with your chinky logic, so now pay up, for the Potato Crisps.”
    The little yellow man retorted, “I gave them back. You’re hoodwinking me, trying to cheat me.” – And promptly left.
    Unable to think clearly on his feet the Manager stood there flummoxed, breathless. The little yellow man took the wind out of his sails – and got away with the beer.

    The Barman is the American public, the product of the ‘public fool system’ of futile learning. The Hotel Manager is the American government leadership. The little yellow man is the foreigner. He can pay a half million dollars for rural citizenship. But why do that to earn peanuts? Yet the American citizen cannot rescind his worthless citizenship for one dollar.
    If citizenship is worth a cool million bucks, to obtain urban citizenship, it ought to be worth that to renounce it, and live sumptuously in a 2nd world nation in Holiday mode without working for peanuts, letting the peasant workers earn ‘a’ peanut in their service.
    Evidently, the American puppet government is inane enough, and insidious enough, to buy this logic from a wealthy 3rd or 2nd world foreigner, willing to economically advantage the Nation and States by working for peanuts, but too smart for the average yawning American.
    This is where the illogic of sham reason is debunked, when the propagandized ‘cherub dung’ starts to be worked against them, hitting the fan hard. Start spreading the news. MSM refuses to fan the flames to quell the damage.

    For Americans there is nowhere to turn, no place to hide. They can handle the extremes of abortion, same sex marital gay bliss, a fraud Islamic President, and rampant paedophilia. Deprivation of liberty and larger cash transactions and deposits, as cash may have been laundered from drugs for terrorist activity. Admitting alien refugees and willingness to become refugees themselves from their own country, as wanderers among the nations, after their sovereign border boundaries are dismantled, rather than be branded ‘Racist’.

    They are willing to ignore 30,000 guillotines for beheadment of American whites and to give jobs to alien operators of these that are willing to just do their job for their honourable pay without question.
    The FEMA camps are there with guard watchtowers to prevent escape. Five corpse coffins with room for formerly attached rolling heads also.

    The guillotines are there, they have been seen and photographed, and what you see is what you get! WYSIWYG. Brand name guillotines made by a French Company enabling harvesting of healthy organs. Genetic modification of food staples with pesticides that resist crop failure but are pestilential to health. Americans see but are blind to what is coming.

    Americans can tolerate extremes well, and are too trusting and apathetic, and pathetic. Present company, of course, excepted.
    But there is one extreme that Americans will not and cannot abide.
    And that is – the solution. So let’s not go there.
    Just drool over those awaiting guillotines. Nice paint job. You who get the gift paid the price? A recipient paid gift, from your shady puppet government’s string pulling ‘sceptre of rulers’, specially meant for you, as you once again pay the price. Hoodwinked.
    You special people.

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    Vicky Davis

    I wish I could argue with you Peter but I can’t. I’m losing hope that leaders will emerge and make people understand that we are beyond the normal level of political give and take. We are at war without leaders and the sheep just keep on grazing.

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      Vicky, Thanks for your reply. You are not alone. There are many fronts like a mirror maze, a long way to go,, and a short time to get there. I guess the gauntlet is going to have to be run.

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    Maybe you can hoodwink the hoodwinkers, and turn the tables on them, making them pay. Then turn the guillotines on ‘the sceptre of rulers’ above them, from whom no secret is hidden (surveillance) that pulls the strings of your weak ‘Shade’ government that dwells afraid in their shadow – who will ultimately wreck the earth surface, while behind the scenes promoting global warming, climate change, Agenda 21, world peace, war, hammer and sickle (both ways sword to sickle hammered and sickle to sword hammered), freemasonry, skull and bones, scroll and key, other University secret societies, anti-semitism, the UN, the socialistic gospel, central banks, alien space invasion to coalesce the nations as one world force, foolhardy propaganda. Its sneaky hidden goal – the united world dominated.

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    The guillotines are there as a subliminal reminder – not to stick your neck out. But somebody has to – it might as well be me.


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