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    I just re-read a book by John Taylor Gatto,” The Underground History of American Education, Volume I: An Intimate Investigation Into the Prison of Modern Schooling” and he makes a point of the UNESCO people in effect focusing the curriculum to promoting the global system, by indoctrination of the children. For one, teachers and administrators are led to believe that all children entering public schools are “mentally ill”, because of their allegiances to family and country, religion especially. Here’s an example of the really embarrassingly bad our textbooks are that’s a very old piece, quoting US school textbooks, but nothing has changed. The books just got glossier with newer images. The multi-culti craptrap was strong in the ’90s. One major point in the content of the link to to page I just posted isn’t so much about global citizenry, but the books are also so bad, the student literally becomes dumber. As in, doesn’t really learn anything. Dumbed down, beaten down populace bombarded since they’re able to form English sentences with globalist claptrap and phony ecological warnings, the new world order is easily ushered in with public school educated dolts who can’t think for themselves, fear mockery from the status quo, it will be too easy to usher this global system in place.
    Vicky I once asked you what you meant, when you wrote something about “word have meaning”- I asked you because I was intrigued by that statement, but I also dimly recalled reading it someplace else: WITH THE CHANGING OF WORDS YOU CHANGE IDEAS. From New Order of Barbarians, the famous Dr Lawrence Dunegan tapes where a Dr Richard Day announced to a group about the forthcoming new world global order- I recommend reading it, archive org site has Dr Dunegan on tape also. He speaks at length of this very topic- the how, the why, when and wherefore. It is not superstitious bit of conspiratorial sophistry, it is a detailed point by point method on how it will all be brought about (‘the churches will help us!’ was quoted)

    anyway, my meandering way of making a point, a rather dull one, is that the American people have been slowly and surely indoctrinated with this idea, it has been a long time coming, and what I do NOT understand is, how with ALL of the power players making it all happen (with our unwitting help) how is it, that decades ago, the men responsible were able to put it into motion knowing they’d not be around in time to witness it’s final completion? How were they able to, I mean mentally, hold on to this bizarre globalist scheme when it may not commence in any meaningful way until maybe 50 years post mortem? That’s what I don’t get. I also don’t get how SO many men can and were involved, and never defected- to warn us all, at least none I have ever heard of. If anyone knows, I wish I could find out whom and how I can find information on it/

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    Kristan, I read the book you are referring to, I found it looking for information on fabien socialism, the fabien society has been trying to effect change in this country for over a hundred and twenty years, time dosent mean to much to these people in high places, they are on a mission to change the very fabric of this nation and the world. Great book by the way, it explained much of their thought on socialism and actually dumbing down the population at large, I apologize for my inarticulate thoughts, they are evil and they don’t like us.

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      They have just about succeeded in taking this country down. They are in power now.

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      Mr Joe you’re not inarticulate at all. I was just going over Vicky’s articles and came upon this one again, to read again. All of her pieces are worth saving. It is quite tedious and tiresome to try and sift through all of the political and economic papers, Vicky goes through them all for us and provides succinct one stop shops for us. By the way I am also reading John Taylor Gatto’s book again as well. He too goes into the historical work of these Fabian socialists, it is baffling to me, how they can look forward to a world which they will no longer be a part of, changing it little by little, for results perhaps a century later in future. Like yourself Joe the only answer I have for what they do is “evil”. Someone else in media said this, you know who? Judge Judy! The Judith Scheindlin. Anyway, thanks.


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