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    No matter how a governing controller tries to control it’s people, it cannot make everyone happy. People are too divided over things like religion, wealth distribution, power, and the environment. It’s bad enough when we go over to these nations (i.e. Iran, Syria, Afghanistan) and try to get them to think as we want them to. But worse, we bring those people here to clash with our own clashing ideologies. We bring in Muslims who worship an incompatible religion (Islam) to our Christian religion and constitution. A religion that teaches them we are infidels who ultimately should be converted or killed. We pave over our farms, go into $trillions of additional debts, and raise the cost of living too unaffordable for the average person, just to stack pregnant aliens on top of each other in housing projects. Toxins and the terrible food we the people eat causing all kinds of health problems and early deaths.

    What stupid self-destructing fools we the people are.


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