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    Judy Ralls

    Wondering if you have done a historical article on Dr. Marus Whitman ? He led the Pioneers on the Oregon Trail which founded our Great Northwest Territory. He was a young missionary who left his practice from the East Coast to establish a mission in this wilderness area. Since he was instrumental in our Northwest states becoming part of America-at the time no other power or country was able to do- I feel attention should be given to our beginnings- one young Christian man who persuaded a thousand people to cross a wilderness by wagons- a feat not done before. It seems like the importance and significance of Mr. Whitman has diminished greatly- when in fact this Northwest could have easily been British, Russian, Spain, Mexico. Thank you

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      No, I haven’t done any research of that type because I’m totally focused on the corruption of our government. I do know that there were a number of other countries – the ones you mentioned and others that had settlements in the U.S. before the boundaries and organization of the United States was settled.


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