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    Not just no, but HELL NO! We want north Idaho to separate from southern Idaho and make us into 2 states and get us out from under Boise. We most certainly need those federally controlled lands in Oregon, we have enough already that we need to regain control of and they do no one any good in the fed’s illegal control.

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      Vicky Davis

      I agree with you except that I think we should all vote to give Ada County to Oregon and we’d all be much happier. Boise is occupied by liberals.

      It’s not logical to think that there would be any difference in federal land use policy between Oregon and Idaho except if the deal is as I suspect – to create an international sub-regional trade zones as defined by the boundaries of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region. You can see a map of the region in the second article – posted yesterday. And if that is the case, then anybody working for government at any level is committing sedition. I do know that a guy named Shanker Singham is promoting the idea of “prosperity zones” by interstate compact. Singham is on the Bretton Woods Committee, he’s English and he was involved in taking apart the economies of Russia and the eastern bloc countries.


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