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    Jesus- this is, this is not unlike the MegaCorp in Robocop: What’s next, Vicky?

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      It does sound like Robo-Cop and megacorporation. That movie was probably intended as a social conditioning movie rather than entertainment. The objective of the transhumanists is to be able to merge man and machine – in particular the brain of man but also the body. People will become a “thing” on the Internet of Things. I think that’s what the objective is with the “vaccine for everybody”. It not only serve as a massive medical research project but also as way to register (tag) everybody with a unique ID for the systems to come.

      There was a series on TV I think in the 1980’s called The Bionic Man?? Replacement parts for the body giving superhuman capabilities. Do you remember that? The war in Afghanistan gave the robotics researchers a lot of money and subjects to develop technological solutions for missing limbs.


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