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    We (The People) LOVE technology, but can never agree on who the best person to run our country is. Same situation around the world where dictators don’t command and the people must decide. One of these years we (the people) will realize that humans are inferior and dangerous, and since we LOVE technology we won’t vote for humans anymore. People love being connected to the rest of the world thru their little camera spy-phones. Many are now helpless without them. Imagine a world where everything has a camera and microphone in them, including cars, planes, money, bills, checks, trains, bars, boarding passes, maps, TV, radio, phones, books, etc. It’s all there already, behind the cameras when you look into your spy-phones, or are just in your back yard, or are out in public and private places, and it’s all connected to AI (artificial intelligence). Drones flying over, and numerous satellites, are watching you thru your windows when they are at the correct angles. One of these years, we will vote out all our politicians, and replace them with the technology we love, known as AI (artificial intelligence) or AT (advanced technology). Then you can forget about sovereignty, privacy, or freedom to choose, because AI will automatically decide all that for you.

    People think as themselves as children of god, but they are more like sheep & just follow their GMO-fed instincts, and therefore are really sheeple!

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    Oh wow… What an epiphany, Vicky. I could never figure out why Sessions recused himself, now it makes total sense. Rosenstein/Sessions: “international acting AG” & Sessions for domestic AG. Vicky weren’t you also aghast at that judge deciding that an attorney disclose his clients (on Sessions/et al)??

    “As we and others reported Monday, Judge Kimba Wood ordered Trump attorney Michael Cohen to identify Fox News host Sean Hannity as a “client.”

    ” It turns out that Wood officiated the wedding between far-left billionaire George Soros and education consultant Tamiko Bolton back in 2013. There’s more. Wood was hand-picked by Hillary Clinton to be considered as Attorney General by her husband in 1993.” < Conservative Firing Line, By Joe Newby –
    April 17, 2018

    I assumed this was un-Constitutional to force an attorney to disclose their clients, but upon some internet research I find a case already similar: in Genson v. United States.the same disclosure of attorney's clients was made, and it was found not to be un-Constitutional under several reasons listed in the case if anyone wants to read it (I did) but I still found that judge Kimba Wood fishy

    Vicky your assessment gives us all (human beings that is) an "Ah Ha! Now it all makes sense!" moment. The Five Eyes I knew about just from reading basic headlines now & then & being a bit of a spy buff, but I never could figure Comey out. It's obvious he's one of those globalist change-agent types but this whole thing was a mess to my brain and I couldn't find a common thread.

    P.S.- I wouldn't use the 100 IQ as a standard quotient anymore – the standard is becoming lower and lower each day. I heard someone use this the other day: "adulting".

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      Vicky Davis

      “Adulting” – that’s a tough one. Is that acting as an adult in the context of an accusation of it being aberrant behavior? Do I “adult” every day? Very curious.

      Attorney-Client privilege is a precedent but not an absolute. I remember one case of an attorney working for an accused terrorist – the blind sheikh – who was taking messages from the sheikh and passing them on to his network outside the jail. The attorney lost her license and may have been charged with a crime – I don’t remember. What I do remember is that the case became a precedent for ending privacy between an attorney visit with a prisoner in jail. They are still supposed to have the attorney-client privilege but it’s not guaranteed when there is suspicion of the attorney being a co-conspirator in something.

      Did you watch that video of Comey speaking at that intelligence conference? He almost seemed starry-eyed to me – kind of like a mind control victim. That’s not trying to give him any excuses. Rather, it was just an observation that he seemed to be speaking from another hemisphere. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it just didn’t seem to me that he was in touch with being an American official on American soil operating under American law.

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