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    Seems to me (and many conspiracy pages) that these shooters have a tenuous connection to the FBI or some quasi-governmental organizations: they’re either BEING investigated by them, WERE investigated (Mateen… FBI) by them, or an undercover informant for them (G4S is a global security company based in the United Kingdom but with an office in Orlando. Mateen went to work for them in 2007. ), something along those lines. The tin-foilers (pardon the dismissive descriptor) go so far as to suspect these shooters were brainwashed or hypnotized (I personally find those scenarios unbelievable). There’s a British news video of a Puerto Rican homosexual stating Mateen’s reasoning for the killings was out of revenge for a 3-way orgy and one of the participants admitted to being HIV infected: this makes sense to me. The fact Mateen has all these connections with these security teams, could it be just a very lucky coincidence?
    Also, what about those “Red Squad Resistance” groups in the cities? It is a bizarro anti-terror, pro-LGBTQ mixup of community policing something or other.

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      There certainly is a lot of disinfo and wild speculation, but I have a little different take on it.

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    The “mass shooting” in that Orlando nightclub appears to be a drug sting gone awry. Did the undercovers recognize each other or even know who they were shooting at? Cop shoot cop, they say. You cannot tell the public that undercover cops shot wildy, killing bystanders in the process. Blame conveniently placed on Isis. Move on, nothing more to see here.

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      I lean more towards the exercise/game scenario. We didn’t see the shooter’s body did we? When I was researching the economic development district, East Florida Central Planning District, I did find an article that talked about exercise scenarios. It said that they hire as many as 600 people for the exercise events. Most of the 600 are government employees who do it for a little side money.

      There is a very clear pattern of these so-called terrorist events being followed by hearings that give more money to DHS and the first responder network. The first responder network and the fusion centers are the implementation of the high tech, surveillance command and control police state systems.

      The police state systems are global – hence G4S involvement.


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