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Vicky was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer turned Internet Researcher and writer. She received her training in computer programming in Santa Clara, California in mid 1970s. She worked primarily – but not entirely on IBM mainframe systems for large corporations and government entities. As an Internet Researcher, she continues to apply her Systems Analyst skills focusing her research on the revolution in government from the systems perspective. She has two websites, this one and the older website with lots of still relevant research: http://www.channelingreality.com

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    Out with the old.. in with the new, Tim Wirth is saying. Faculties “re-organizing for a ‘great change’. Commitment for sustainable development… closely tied to population.. notion of sustainable development and thinking differently about the economics and our ROLE in economics the the global community (what was our role then? it was to become rich and strong, using the brightest minds and most honorable work ethic, and most honest business practices on the planet, our role NOW is to “sustain” the rest of the globe using our tax monies


    Wirth mentions “constituency”- “We at the State Dept… need to think of our constituency..” he talks about the “old way” thinking about the Cold War…

    All about CHANGE All about CHANGE all about change he repeats

    the NEW constituency is the global community- the State Dept constituency is the global community- the State Dept is the new administration.

    he claims the refugee community is who we need to start thinking about, strong supporters of state dept,

    he says that the” US, is a nation of refugees”?? we are? Since when I wonder.

    he keeps stressing that we need to “start thinking differently!” and “constituencies”. I almost feel as if I am a victim of some bizarre, New Age neuro-linguistic programming scheme. The newspeak is repulsive and I hate this man, so much. I find it baffling that these thinkers can fall for this scheme totally, utterly, and commit themselves so deeply to such a sinister plan.

    I wish I were there to see and ask the viewers if they knew what this was all about, and what they think is going on here.

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      ‘He says that “The US is a nation of refugees.” We are? Since when I wonder.’

      Till un-numbered swarms of refugees have moved in to replace the former population, taking their slice of your apple-pie, leaving nothing left to you except pressing you sideways till you are displaced and yourselves become the refugee ‘wanderers among the nations’ Hosea 9:17 with no where to go exceptt Egypt – the land of your birth 3500 years ago as ‘an anglo-Saxon Israelite people’ enslaved, in slavery once again. But don’t worry, their will be a second Exodus, when your people finally come to their senses and are rescued by a Deliverer from outer space with His armies, which the still unfinished NWO armies of the North and its opponents from the East, will unite together against the ‘thought to be’ space invasion that Bill Clinton says will be necessary as the common foe needed to finally unite the World. Hollywood movies are designed to get that thought instilled into your brainwashed minds. so you will capitulate to the Satanic NWO all the more readily.

      Only thing is this is not going to be brainwashing fantasy fiction. It will be real. The outer space force will win and the fifth kingdom lasting forever of Daniel will be established with its world capital headquarters in Jerusalem, for a thousand years, instead of the phoney 5th Kingdom not of Daniel, under the Pope’s Vatican that is supposed to last for a thousand years, as Hitler boasted about His 3rd Reich. It will only last 3-4 years before it is vanquished by your only Hope and Saviour. After that: They will not hurt or destroy on all of God’s Holy Mountain (His rule), The USA will be restored and will have even more abundance than it had before the rot set in, and peace and harmony over all the earth will become the reality and not just the Peace farce of the now emerging evil Satanic NWO. – That’s when and what !

      There is no way the USA is going to come to its senses now. It is going to have to learn the hard way. Nevertheless, it will have been warned.

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    In 1993 the world needed these 4 things in order to survive:
    1.Democracy & Human Rights
    2.Population – reduction (to a sustainable level)
    4.Sustainable Development
    However the world has seriously failed to achieve all 4 as we have another 1+ billion people to feed since 1993. We pave our farms over to build more government subsidized housing (projects). We stack our own on top of each other in apartments and condos owned by “flippers”. We pollute and deplete our aquifers. We inject incompatible ideologies (refugees) into our “Mayberry” atmosphere towns. We use drugs that destroy our thinking and create GMO-fed texting addicts. We lose our privacy, security, and safety to cameras, GPS, and hackers ( see also FBI vs Apple). Our borders are open for all to come here and produce welfare anchor babies, as we borrow and print money we can never repay. As the rich get richer and poor get more populated (now the 62 wealthiest are wealthier than the poorest 3.5 billion).
    So now, after 23 years, the world needs the following 4 things in order to survive:
    1.Democracy & Human Rights
    2.Population – reduction
    4.Sustainable Development

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      What people like Tim Wirth, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, etc. say and what they really mean are two different things. That’s the nature of war – in a different context than bullets and guns. Wirth was declaring war on America. It’s as simple as that.

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        Jan Craig

        Prime example…Burns, Oregon. The total swamping of a small community, handed over to Feds, un-identifiable patrols and our own Oregon State Police – terrorizing and intimidating the people of Harney County and anyone that dare come near. War on the people by bought and paid for bureaucrats, from the lowly County Sheriff to an appointed Governor, to State Reps, to the highest in government….All part and parcel to the handing over of the people they swore to protect by Oath to the elites pushing Agenda 21-30. Intentional blood on all their hands by abdication of their responsibility to protect the people they represent. Wyden said, “the VIRUS has to be stopped’, a good man was intentionally murdered shortly after that rolled off his slippery tongue. As the spirit of LaVoy Finicum left his body, it’s sparks hit far and wide in the tall, dry grass of America betrayed. The VIRUS of Liberty is spreading as fast as a BLM set fire on a July, windy day.



          I found something a couple of days ago that needs to be investigated: Stewardship Contracting. I don’t really understand what it’s about yet – but I don’t like the sounds of it. Seems like sweetheart contracting which is by definition corrupt.

          Stewardship Contracting




            hmm interesting: “The Agricultural Act of 2014 (P.L.113-79, Section 8205 ) (Exhibit 1) which repealed and replaced Section 347 of the Appropriations Bill of 1999 (P.L.105-277), granted the Forest Service (FS) and the BLM permanent authority to enter into stewardship contracting projects with private persons or public or private entities to perform services to achieve land management goals for the national forests and the public lands that meet local and rural community needs.” This was just passed! See what goes on when people aren’t paying attention? and look at the wordage they use: “stewardship”. All these plans SOUND like good ideas wink wink. Say, what if NESTLE Corp decides to become a steward? Or COSCO- the Chinese shipping co.? There is a chapter on FPS contract forms for Sale of Timber, Vegetative resources Sales, etc and the proper forms to fill out. What the…??
            – get free land and resources the public pays for to keep pristine and make profits off the sale of such resources and keep all the money.

            PS to “Kenny” : we need population reduction “in order to survive”?? Democracy and human rights in order to survive?? Which nation is lacking in human rights? the US?? What about our population- have you driven across country at all, ever?? How about just a drive across your own state? Ever flown in a plane?? Seen what our country looks like from above? It’s practically unpopulated except for a few, small and far apart places: some cities on the coasts, and a few interior. The ENTIRE planets’ people can fit very easily into a fraction in a small area (comparatively) inside the Grand Canyon (look it up) . Kenny, think for yourself, for once. I recommend not watching any television, or reading any propaganda “news” sites or papers. Your words, they are not genuine at all.

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      Excellent comment. I could never understand though why a government borrows money, when it can just print it.


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