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    This shit is everywhere Vicki

    Be sure and read about their Earth CONstitution

    Chicago and CMAP 2050

    COG’s set up all over this nation – I believe you already know this
    They are implementing the UN Agenda

    The CAFR reports and how these for profit state/city/county corporations are sucking the wealth out of the nation


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      Vicky Davis

      You are right. It is everywhere. I realized this morning the significance of one piece of the puzzle that I found around 2010 ties it all together. In our country, they used the term ‘Sustainable Development” as a synonym for the elements of Agenda 21. The word “Community” is the language used to talk about the programs and the networks of marxists who are implementing the agenda. Just about everything I’ve written is about the strategic plan for the stealth implementation of the agenda. I wrote about systems. Most people focus on the political actors. I don’t know how to bridge that gap. It’s making my head spin.

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        The script

        Oh they know full well what they are doing and they repeat and repeat and repeat

        FYI I was an electronic data analyst in the healthcare and logistics industries prior to being a stay at home care giver for my mom.

        The Human Face of Big Data is a knock you on the floor eye opener

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        Oh the ‘community’ shit is everywhere except now they are online communities which was the plan from the start
        That way they can track and surveil the data and get the PULSE of the participants
        According to the UN Data is the new GOLD

        Not an accident

        Folks have no idea just how dangerous this electronic beast really is


          Vicky Davis

          So true – COMMUNITY is everywhere. It turns my stomach because I know what it is and who they are.

          Since you were a data analyst in healthcare and logistics, you will appreciate this event with Rochelle Walensky. She talks about the national data base of medical records and if you know what to listen for, she talks about the integration of medical research and health care. G** Dammit. Crimes against humanity coming right in everyone’s face but they don’t see it.



            More like eugenics – it’s how they can target their subjects

            There is a shit load of data and analytics when it comes to those medical records all of which should be be private and not used in an international database

            But this is not new as they poison the populations they can guage the symptoms and the demographics of where they may need to ramp up their operations
            Little more flouride here, more chemtrails here

            I truly believe that a whole lot of these folks have not a clue as to what they are participating in
            If they do not know the full ramifications of their actions and are doing their jobs they haven’t a clue as to what these psychopaths are doing with this data or these databases

          2. Vicky Davis

            Yes, I knew that. You can see it in the design of the system. They will be able to monetize people by using their bodies for medical research until the point when they are no longer useful.

            With nationalized medical records, they will be able to distribute their research subjects so there aren’t any telltale pockets of anomalous deaths. It’s a researcher’s dream system.

            Most people will not question authority. I’m sure you’ve seen that. They just do what they are told. And besides that, it’s difficult to conceive of evil of this magnitude. It’s kind of a curse to see it – but I’ve been following the rollout for about 16 years or so.



            They are all inbreds and the lineages go way back
            Most of hollywood is related

          4. Vicky Davis

            I’m sure that’s true at the top but the stooges in your neighborhood and in your town are operatives in the “Community” agenda whether they know it or not.

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        Bridge the gap with hollywood actors on the world stage
        Their all in it together

        The tell lie vision is a weapon of mass destruction and hynosis
        This video in some places is hard to hear what invisable man is saying but it is very clear their intentions to hynotize the entire populace to do their bidding



          Vicky Davis

          I don’t know why anyone would take an actor-actress seriously in the political arena. Actors live in a world of make-believe both on the set and off. The same holds true with wealthy people. They live in a different world. They live a charmed life and they expect us to believe that we can have one too – if only we subjugate ourselves to their will. HA! That’ll be the day.



            hollyeood is part of the military industrial complex

            In many ways they are all related to one another if you look at their geneologies

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    Don’t know if you are moderating your blog and comments but thus far 3 of mine have been deleted from here? Not unlike all my other comments on other blogs and elsewhere
    They track all this stuff via your IP addredd and can wipe out anything they want that’s why an email address is ‘required’

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      Vicky Davis

      They haven’t been deleted by me. I think they don’t show up until I approve them. After the first one is approved, I think they get automatically approved.

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        I was posting on another blog and all of mine were deleted from there so just curious as to how it worked

        As you said you are following the systems portion of it and I have been following the data

        Moving millions of records of electronic data for over 20 years has helped me track down alot of what I am finding and your reeducate yourself was part of putting me on that track

        My god I helped them set up the elctronic medical data files for millions of millions of people – OF WHICH COME TO FIND OUT NONE OF THE DATA WAS PROTECTED NONE OF IT
        I’m talking millions upon millions of records and claims data files for untold millions of medicare medicaid and many other sectors

        I made good money doing it but once I discovered what they were really up to I just cannot work in it anymore
        And HIPAA what an absolute joke


          Vicky Davis

          Yeah…all HIPAA did was to terrorize the doctors. That served as “encouragement” for them to join the hospital groups which meant going to electronic medical records. The joke about HIPAA was that it didn’t prevent data from going offshore.


          Vicky Davis

          Speaking of moving bytes, did you send any data offshore? Like maybe to India or China? Just curious about that.

          Did you follow the Dennis Montgomery story from a few years ago? Mike Lindell apparently is working with Montgomery now. Just in case you don’t know Montgomery’s story, he set up a system to capture packets at an Internet server. He said he did it for John Brennan and that it was a CIA operation. I already knew that the government was capturing packets because in about 1995 or so, my husband who was much more of a tech than I was found the tracert program and he was playing with it. We saw government servers as they were going up. At that time, the server names were not masked so you could tell that they were government nodes. So maybe Brennan’s operation was rogue? Do you know anything about that?



            No that is one thing I didn’t do was send any data offshore but that does not mean it wasn’t happening.

            Never heard of the information that you provided about the packet swipes, interesting to say the least.

          2. Vicky Davis

            Montgomery’s story came to my attention in about 2015. It’s a fascinating, complicated story. It involved Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case detectives (Arizona), a real estate mogul (Tim Blixseth) in Seattle Washington and his wife who owned a tech company that Montgomery was working with when he allegedly designed and built the packet snatcher. We never got to the resolution to the story because Montgomery disappeared. Was Montgomery’s story true or were they all con men? I still don’t know.

            Here is a link to an article that will give you an overview.




            And as far as Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s is concerned I do not trust not a one of them as far as I can throw one of them

            If they have been operating the fraud scheme as everyone has worked to uncover that means these sheriff’s were in on it getting kick backs and payouts for putting innocent people in jail for profit
            FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE POLICE (FOP) should be a dead give away

            I read this is a comments section of a video just a day or so ago and it is very fitting to what we are witnessing today
            “JUDGE” “SHERIFF” “COP” “ATTORNEY GENERAL” are all titles of nobility that they give themselves and not the FEDERAL EXECUTIVE BRANCH that they represent.

            And I find it odd that the pillow guy like smother yourself with a mask you brain dead sheep is so all over this election shit?
            You can bet he is a family member no doubt in my mind

            Check out Medici Ventues and the Ministry of Lands and Natural resources and all things BLOCKCHAIN

            They’re going in to places like ZAMBIA and selling the ignorant a digital land title

            Hmm Minstry of Lands and Natural Resources linked to World Parliament

            In one of your articles you mentioned the Presidium

            A copy of the text of the toasts of President Nixon and Nikolai V. Podgorny, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R is published on the UC Santa Barbara Presidency Project website presumably in celebration of their agreement.

            Did you know the Presidium and Presidio is written all throughout World Parliament documents?

            In Fort Worth Texas there is a shopping center called the Presidio
            This whole area is referred to as the GOLDEN TRIANGLE with a most prominent name like ALLIANCE BLVD
            The new stadium in Vegas is called the Alligiance

            Did you know that the UN plan was fomented in a San Francisco whore house
            From this article we read the United Nations was fomented in a San Francisco WHORE HOUSE
            “Stanford ran one of San Francisco’s more notorious brothels. San Francisco Chronicle columnist
            Herb Caen wrote “the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford’s whorehouse” because of
            the number of delegates to the organization’s 1945 San Francisco founding conference who
            were Stanford’s customers; many actual, if informal, negotiating sessions took place in the
            brothel’s living room. Then-San Francisco district attorney Pat Brown’s raid on the establishment
            helped lead to his 1950 election as attorney general for the State of California.”
            Caen, I would imagine, is a variation of Cohen. Yep. Which also makes me wonder about Cannes,
            the Phoenician harbour and movie industry hotspot.

            There is also a Presidio outside of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransciso California that ole Gorbachev (aka Rod Steiger) has been housed at since his infamous tear down that wall skit with Reagan (aka Frank Sinatra)
            See Greg Bradfords channel on you tube

            Hollywood is involved up to their ass in all of this because the massive brainwashing began when they cooked up the scheme through the use of television and their world wide broadcasting network that they could FOOL THE WORLD
            And create a GOLDEN GLOBE for themselves

            Aquarian age new age and all this other bullshit was cooked up by them and launced decades ago and today we see tons of shit about this so called new age that is going to be birthed and we’re all gonna live in the golden age

            The truth is they will retire these actors to their GOLDEN AGE (case in point the fake death of Gorbachev probably somewhere on a private island or yachts living it up, riding the storm out) while the rest of us will remain being entertained by their cloned kids and they will carry the torch forward to finish the job of global slavery for the masses and a golden globe where these schmucks control everything

            In this TRANSportation aka TRANSFORMATION document page 4 see where ole Gorby was tasked by papa bush to reform our military bases and garner foreign military operations to police the USA
            Now if Gorby is Steiger and papa bush is using an alias hidden behind a mask then the logical explaination is the illuminated folks of hollywood behind the entire fraud are your THIEVES OF IT ALL

            Now when is it that they put the tell lie vision (pandor’s box) in all of our living rooms

            Make note that ole Tyler Perry is now the proud owner of a 440 acre ‘repurposed’ military spread in Georgia and it’s his production studio
            Hmm I wonder what kind of mischief you could muster and film up on a 440 acre secluded military base

            Just like 9 1 1 they are preparing the masses for a great production with some of their grand hocus pocus thrown in to shew the sheep the way and to let them know that God is working in mysterious ways to deliver us from this fucking evil
            Like the sick ass progressive commercials a year or so back where they were singing we’ll make heaven a place on earth
            As above so below
            The CONstellations all ’88’ of them

            They’ve got much bigger plans too – they’ve been shoving them in our faces for decades

            And funny thing about Alaska did you know it used to belong to Russia
            Alaska mirrored



            Thanks for your feedback Vicki

          4. Vicky Davis

            There is quite a bit of disinfo you’ve picked up – too much to respond to. I don’t know what to say about Herb Caen. It sounds to me like he was either writing tongue-in-cheek or he was pulling it out of a dark body part of the lower extremities. Establishment of the United Nations – post war, was agreed to by FDR and Winston Churchill – pre-war.


            Before the end of the war, negotiations began at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington DC but as I understood it, a lot of what was negotiated there was thrown out.

            JD Rockefeller and his sons probably had more influence on all things UN than any other family or group. That’s why the UN is in New York.

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    Vicky Davis

    On Dennis Montgomery, I’m very interested to hear what Mike Lindell is doing with him. I think it’s very curious that he surfaces again when Lindell is trying to prove vote fraud. Is this an attempt to discredit Mike Lindell?

    I wrote an article about Dominion Voting Systems. The system was designed for Internet/cell phone voting.

    In my latest article, Community Tentacles of the Administrative State, I wrote about the Authorizing Statutes for the Public Health System. The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) is one of the statutes – no doubt for people with disabilities – can’t make it to the polling place. That and vote by mail were designed for fraud. Where’s the controversy? The Dominion systems should never have been used by any state.

    1. 6.1


      Do you happen to remember the kid that did the commercial for LIFE cereal?
      Let’s get Mikey he’ll do anything

      And this vote shit you would think folks would have gotten the message when they pulled the stunt of counting shads for weeks and weeks and weeks but no the stupid keep thinking the shit is real

      Vote fraud or the lack thereof has everything to do with the launch of BLOCKCHAIN and Medici Ventures and ‘digital everything’
      Technology, digital identity and the miracle known as BLOCKandCHAIN will save the day and the world MY ASS
      Hey lets put a block and chain around your neck and that will make it all better we promise we would never lie to our flock
      The Memorandum was signed by Dr. Patrick Byrne the Founder and CEO of The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as

      Do you see it that ‘new aged’
      This would be their fake ass new aged Aquarian BULLSHIT

      No doubt in my mind

      OVERSTOCK as in overstock of the human herd and the former CEO Patrick Byrne
      He stepped down from OVERSTOCK after their fake public shaming of his ass and then he traded places with the CEO of Medici and is traveling the world getting these MOU’s signed by their inbred family folks to fleece the people in places like ZAMBIA of their land titles
      Look at the coats of arms on their shirts
      They are stealing their land is what they are doing it has nothing to do with securing the land for the true owners
      Did I mention that ole Medici and their Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is in an American state as well

      Minstries run rampant in the World Parliament documents

      One of the outfits who publishes a daily blog has something called an LRS Land Recording System developed in BLOCKCHAIN that they are soliciting to their flock to enter their lands and records in to this system – can you say slight of hand
      This outfit exclaims that if you claim the name and get two witnesses to bare for you that you can be verified and validated and become an individual living being and all the treasures of the earth and your trust account can be yours
      The next step is to enter your lands in to the LRS and wala like magic all will be well in la la land

      The CONS as so deep and so vast that it literally boggles the mind

      duhMINION is the dead give away and voting is a crock of shit in the first place

      These crooks are not playing by any rules this is about THEFT on a world wide scale and they have not one ounce of scruples
      They didn’t make the shew SHAMELESS for nothing because they are absolutely SHAMELESS

      1. 6.1.1

        Vicky Davis

        You nailed it! Here’s the link to the article I wrote about Patrick Byrne and his land titling system. I don’t know this but I suspect he was involved with the MERS System – the system that clouded the titles of thousands – if not millions of properties in the U.S.

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    Watch for major slights of hands and getting the actors off the stage for their next ACT

    The tom hanks movie
    ‘Catch Them if you Can’
    You think that movie was an accident
    Nope because hollywood is part of the CON and always has been


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