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    Krist in

    “`developing country’ includes, but is not limited to, countries in Central and Eastern Europe or in the independent states of the former Soviet Union” truly frightening, considering most if not all of the scams, hacks, frauds and thefts involving IT-related all come from places based in Eastern European nations & “former” Soviet Union. It also tells we public where our govt.s hearts are (wrong places!) I also wonder what the deal is with all this Cuba talk recently. Why would ANY one want to go to visit? unless to start some sort of profit enterprise?

    Another thing- the regular person such as I, wants to look up projects as you do, and like you did, go into Wikileaks and other online resources. What we may not know is *how* to look: for instance, you mentioned using the terms “clean technology” and “renewable”. That is helpful.


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