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    This is Fabien socialism, a form of communism, comes out of Prussia, their dreams never end, the people that wish this on the world never sleep, they are in control and have manipulated so many uneducated minds into envy and jealousy, people in America will have to feel pain before they understand their folly

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      Vicky Davis

      They’ve been feeling the pain for decades but they don’t understand where the pain is coming from. Rarely will you hear the political groups talk about trade agreements (that aren’t about trade), regionalism and the sacrifice of American sovereignty, the separation of the economy from the political system – leaving the political system impotent to change anything. We need leaders who can comprehend the strategy that has been used against our country and who will not use that information to enrich themselves while they throw dirt on the coffin of what was America and that is now – nothing but a cash machine for the wealthy and connected.

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