Socialism: Political Philosophy or Social Engineering for Efficiency?

My Analysis – My Opinion

To some, socialism sounds like a political philosophy of sharing and caring.  They just want to give everybody everything.  The sharing and caring is simply the marketing message for what really is social engineering – the organizing of society into defined components covering all of the known needs to build a society.  The marketing promises are broken once the structures are in place because society can’t function with everybody getting everything because only about ten percent of the people would be doing all the work for the others.

Socialism will always turn into communism because people have to be bullied into conformity.  The types of people who like to bully others are generally not highest on the IQ scale so their power comes from brute force.  Brute force breeds resistance which leads to more force – to the point where the population cowers in the face of brute force tyranny leading to full blown communism.

Structural Re-Alignment

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