New World Order – George H. W. Bush


Clinton-Gore Reinventing Government

Gore – Globalization – Global Forum on Transforming Governments

Transforming Governments for the 21st Century

We created this website, “Transforming Governments in the 21st Century,” for the participants of the first Global Forum on Reinvention, held in Washington, DC, January 14-15, 1999. 

Tony Blair – Modernizing Public Services

UN for the 21st Century

Health System

Human Genome Project


Early Research from,   file links_health_channeling_reality.docx

Nationalized Medical Records
This commentary is about the history of the project for the nationalized medical records and the Health IT system dating back to 1990 and going forward.

The Human Genome Project

IBM and Dr. Mengele Together Again

Manhattan Project for the 21st Century Real Time Biomedical Research on Human populations
Recap of previous research adding information on “The Core” zone in Idaho

IT Systems and Medical Research, Research America

The HAPI Plan for Mandatory Wellness, legislation for the redesign of the health care system – positioning for using the American population for medical research.

HHS News Release, November 10, 2005, Brailer and Leavitt
HHS Awards Contracts to Develop Nationwide Health Information Network

Article: IBM’s Watson to Assist Doctors

Article: HHS Awards $22.5M in contracts to health info exchanges$22.5M.pdf

Article: WSJ – Medical Schools Can’t Keep Up

Article: Yahoo News, AP, Doctor Shortage? 28 States May Expand Nurses’ Role

Article, National Library of Medicine, 2000, Hospitals Must Become Focused Factories

Article: Congressman Kevin Brady, America’s New Health Care System Revealed

Article: NYT – Pharmacists Take Larger Role on Health Team, 2010

Article: NYT – Getting Into Med School Without Hard Sciences

PPT: Rhode Island Collectivization of Health Care (Adams_3_I.ppt) uploaded but not linked
Article: Wapo, May 4, 2010, New health-care law might make your doctor more informed, efficient, responsive

Article: NIH, Research Matters, Patient’s Whole Genome Reveals Disease and Medication Risks

Article: NIH, What is Pharmacogenomics?

Article: USA Today, Innovative health programs counter primary care shortage

Article: NYT, College Bound, DNA Swabs in Hand

Image: National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH, Pharmacogenomics

Government website, National Human Genome Research Institute

Letter to Governor Butch Otter regarding the Idaho Health Data Exchange

Idaho Legislators & the Health Insurance Exchange + Welfare for the Priviledged and Slavery for You

Everything is for sale in America

Project Destiny 3D Printing

America’s Choice, Paul Ryan and Alice Rivlin plan for health care

Maryland’s Health Enterprise Zone

Exposing Health Care Reform, OK-SAFE, Oklahoma

The CORE – Health Enterprise Zone in Idaho
[Note: when I began the research on the CORE, I didn’t know what I was looking at except that it was a construct that included land use zoning, economic development funding, foreign investment (Chinese) through EB-5 visas, small business funding and technology transfer, economic central planning and workforce development, etc.

Article: Telemedicine in Idaho: Telemedicine is giving Idaho patients health care from a distance

Logical Markets
Logical Substitution Clears the Fog

The Nightmare of Project Destiny (continued and expanded research on thetechnocratictyranny) ** Global Crossing

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