Vision 2015

Enterprise Integration

Five Eyes

Fusing With The Enemy

Bob Mueller and James Comey got confused about the difference between government and corporations.

Comey’s Government, Inc. Philosophy

James Comey at the 2014 Intelligence Summit

I wish these people could hear themselves as I hear them.  They lost their mission.  Their mission has become technology.  They have techno-lust which is similar to gold fever.  Technology for the sake of technology (and the profit of technology companies).  They sound more like game developers than they do national security professionals.

INSA – 2017 Conference

Defense Policy By Carnegie

“New Thinking”

 Systems As Preventative Defense


Mikhail Gorbachev

Snowden Reveals Prism

The Red Fog of Communism in the Dark Web of the Deep State

After you read the Red Fog article and you understand the design of the organizational structure for the private networks between governments and their “partner” anchor institutions, think about your own town but also think about cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore.

Fusion Center – Stasi Headquarters

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