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    How could I have missed this! You’re on my RSS feed for this site, and I either didn’t notice it on my feed or it didn’t post until recently. Brilliant, sharing this all over the internet wherever I can. Thank you.
    Here’s another one for you: “Never speak on religion or politics in conversation” is a Marxist cooked up idea. We SHOULD entertain topics of religion and politics in conversation. Who says we can’t?? By WHOSE rules? Go ahead! Speak up. Entertain ideas, thoughts, plans, reasons. Don’t let someone’s old chestnut prevent you from speaking your mind or telling you what to think.

    I’m reading of “Nihilism” in the late 1800s, that is what Marxism/Socialists/Communists were referred to as back then. Nihilists. If anyone wants to do any research and study Communism in history, start there. Plenty in the site to read about
    There is also the Norman Dodd’s thing and Myron Fagan’s speeches there as well. One section has quite a selection on conspiracy “theory”, politics, globalism that is worth checking out.

    Good stuff as usual Vicky this is great as it gives people who don’t know what this is about the ground rules as to what makes it all tic, the real reasons behind it, as opposed to the myriad of reasons they give, the ostensible reasons (climate change, sustainability, income equality among others)

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