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    Thank you for being so well organized, Victoria. Astounding research.
    All I can say is “Nothing to see here”. No hierarchy, no leadership really. Internationalist High IQ placed into the realm of the soul deadening auto-pilot. More homogenization for those classless, faceless, stateless useless eaters (thank you Henrik); and all in the name of equity and diversity the ultimate non-sequitur. How quaint these quants, but you’ve nailed them on this one.

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank You! And I also have another nugget to share. The current Secretary-General of the UN was also the President and Vice President of the Socialist International.

      Note: this was written when he was still the High Commissioner for Refugee Resettlement.

      If there is a counter-balance to the Socialist International, I don’t know who they are.


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