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    Check this shit out

    A revelation that hit me last night

    All this talk about these vaxxs and this MRNa
    How about this
    Medical Record Number Administration
    Everyone jabbed was ASSIGNED an MRN
    Hidden in plain sight

    Check out the first link
    Their first version of this ISA shit was launched in 2020
    See the left side of the page – read the pdf’s they will blow your friggin mind

    USCDI and they are already on version 3
    United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI)
    My god go read these things

    You will notice that they state right off the bat in the event that a social security number is not included in the record that the MRN is critical to their operations?

    I’ve been out of the heallth IT field for some time now and that is because I came to understand what this electronic data and their motives actually were

    This USCDI is new and I have not worked with any of this data record before in this format nor do I know how they are implementing them within the overall scheme of things
    Most likely at the patient visit level and this is somehow combined in with the ANSI X12 medical data that is submitted electronically.

    I found this this morning after searching on medical record number administration

    Now think about this
    All these pharmacies that were set up to test and inject these vaxxs means they were equipped with the software applications and the material beforehand

    I’m reviewing all kinds of stuff from this revelation and absolutely none of it is good


    At the state level and at the coty level as well

    Robert David Steele is an OBUDSMEN and he was the one promoting OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING – no I don’t think he’s dead

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      Vicky Davis

      A unique, accurate IDentifier for every person in the U.S. was a problem since the first inquiry about a nationalized medical records system in 1990. Think about it – driver’s license number? Nope, doesn’t include children and a lot of people don’t drive. Social Security Number? Nope, the social security records are screwed up because it used to be that illegals would get a number and it would be used by many people. There was never any controls on social security numbers. In the mid 1990’s, a national ID was discussed but because of what happened in Nazi Germany, national ID’s would never fly.

      Solution: Vaccination record – vaccination passport. Everybody can be included if only they will take a vaccine. Children of course are automatically included because of the childhood vaccines they get. They used flu vaccines for senior citizens. They been promoting those vaccines to seniors for decades. They just needed to get all the people in-between.

      Here is the article I wrote about Nationalized Medical Records

      Here is a system for a Health Passport that was a pilot for a regional health information network. Note: it doesn’t matter if it’s regional because they are all connected in the background.

      Did you notice on the first article you found – report provided by Leavitt Partners? Do you know who the Leavitt is? Mike Leavitt was a governor of Utah and he also served as the Secretary of HHS during the Bush Administration (2005-2009). The University of Utah has a medical school and they were probably among the first systems to adopt electronic health records (eHR).

      From the first inquiry, the purpose was for medical research. They changed the purpose after that to be for efficiency, cost reduction, etc. but the real reason is the first reason.

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      Vicky Davis

      I don’t consider that we have a health care system anymore. Electronic health records violate the Hippocratic Oath. We don’t have doctors. We have information collectors.

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      Vicky Davis

      Here is a link to the 2007 National Governors Association meeting. The subject was health care reform. There were two presenters – a doctor from Mayo Clinic and an IBM representative. Listen to what they say about “personalized medicine”.

      Here is a link to almost all of the articles I’ve written about the health care system. When I started researching it, I didn’t realize the connection to the Public Health System so my earlier articles don’t include reference to that.


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