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War By Other Means

June 9, 1993 – Commerce Secretary Ron Brown speaking at an American Stock Exchange conference.  He announced that he would be working on an industrial policy for the U.S.  With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear that what he was saying was that they would be implementing communist central planning (by definition through the use of technology) and that his department  would become the marketing representatives for technology corporations.

Full video on C-Span

June 10, 1993 – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell gave the commencement speech at Harvard University.   It was the first time since 1947 that an active duty military officer had given the commencement speech at Harvard.  In 1947, it was General George Marshall who gave the Address and his purpose was to announce the Marshall Plan.  He announced the “Powell Plan” to rebuild Russia and the soviet states to help them recover from the ravages of communism and as it turned out, the tables were turned on us through the Green Agenda to communize the United States . . . more

Link to full video

June 14, 1993, Clinton announces the establishment of the President’s Commission on Sustainable Development.  Commerce Secretary Ron Brown will lead the effort.

Full video on C-Span

June 14, 1993  – Vice President Al Gore speaks to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Development and he announced to the UN, the President Clinton would establish the President’s Commission on Sustainable Development.

Full video on C-Span

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“The Department of Commerce is the Department of Sustainable Development.  The Department is where trade, technology and environmental policies meet.  There is a real confluence here.”  Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce

October 18, 1993 – 2nd meeting of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, hosted by the Commerce Department with Ron Brown, Secretary giving the introduction and describing the purpose.  With the benefit of hindsight, they were initiating a technocratic coup d’etat on our country.  These people were conspirators in treason against the United States of America.  They had the intent as stated to “reinvent” government using technology while changing our economic system to “green accounting”.   

Full Video on C-Span

Before the Earth Summit

June 1, 1992  Press Conference in the Senate Gallery about the Bush Administration’s position on the Earth Summit treaties.

Full Press Conference

June 2, 1992  Interview about the Earth Summit and the purpose of it. 

Full Interview

Events at the Earth Summit

June 5, 1992  Al Gore gave the Keynote speech at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. 

Full Speech

After the Earth Summit

July 28, 1992  Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing to discuss the implementation of policies and agreements arising out of the Earth Summit.   EPA Administrator William K. Reilly testifying.  

Full Hearing

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