Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) Timeline

COVID and Climate Flipping, December 17, 2020

Idaho is in Play, April 13, 2021

There is a proposal for an interstate compact between Idaho and Oregon for Idaho to “takeover” governance of eastern Oregon rural counties.

Idaho in the Context of Regionalism and Global Trade, April 14, 2021

This article talks about the Pacific Northwest Economic Region in the context the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation organization.

Greater Idaho – PNWER: Legal De-Construction, April 24, 2021

States that border Canada and Mexico were collectivized into “economic units” under the system of regionalism.  The management of the economic units is fascist – public-private partnerships.  They began building this system of  collectivizing for economic management after the U.S.-Canada free trade agreement was signed.  Initially the planning involved transportation systems the areas of management  – water, agriculture, forestry, etc. but after 9-11 they added disaster planning – all hazards, all emergencies – under the military title of law.

Idaho Government

October 25, 2001

Local Healthcare Preparedness for Terrorism  *** mentioned federalization of vaccine development
Carol Moerhle, North Central Health Department, Idaho, District Director, talked about local healthcare preparedness and planning for responses to terrorist attacks. She also responded to viewer comments and questions.

Other – Pandemic Related

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