Technology and Government

Clinton – Technology Policy for the Coup 7/19/2022

Clinton-Gore: Administrative Revolution (Coup d’etat) 7/19/2022

Redesigning Government: Stealing Freedom and Autonomy 7/19/2022

Industry Capture of Government Leading to Systemic Failure  10/30/2021

Act III of the Elections Takeover Gambit 8/12/2021

Technology Trap for Global Fascism  5/13/2021

The Technology Vision  3/4/2021

Notes: 2020, June  8/2/2020  (Operation Warp Speed)

How the West was Lost  9/18/2020

Fusion Centers and Surveillance Systems  4/9/2020

The Federation: Fighting for the Power of God  10/2/2019

Brennan: The Fall Guy  8/22/2019

Insidious Causes for Outrageous Utility Bills  8/12/2019

Facebook is the tip of the iceberg  10/31/2018

The Insider Threat   6/30/2018

Logic Flaw Tells the Tale  5/3/2018

Project Destiny: Community Pharmacy  3/24/2018

Flashback: New Paradigm  1/30/2018

The American Stasi  1/24/2018

The Bigger Picture of Mandalay Bay  1/22/2018

Turning the Tables: Convergence of Timelines   1/9/2018

The Technology War Machine  1/2/2018

Guns, Dialectics and Computer Systems                12/5/2017

The Technology Vision   11/10/2017

Crescendo of the Great Game  9/30/2017

The Billion Dollar Hack  9/21/2017   government, technology, elections

Russia By Proxy 9/12/2017   government, technology, elections

Trump: Swamp Creature Slayer or Just Another Swamp Creature?

You Will Not Replace Us!  8/13/2017  National, technology

Unholy Alliances for the New World Order  7/31/2017

Jamie Gorelick – Queen of the Swamp  8/9/2017

Lazaro Ecenarro at the Trailhead of Corruption  2/21/2017, domestic policy, technology

IBM and Dr. Mengele: Together Again  2/20/2017

Information Infrastructure: NII to GII   2/15/2017

International War on America

Decolonization: The UN’s War on Western Civilization  6/19/2021

New World Order is Here  6/11/2021

From Brute Communism to Social Communism  6/1/2021

Third Way  5/28/2021

Unity of Effort in Intelligence  5/1/2021

Speech at the Founding of the Green Cross, Mikhail Gorbachev  5/21/2021

Socialist Engineering the Death of the West  3/31/2021

Benghazi Revisited  1/4/2021

The Middle East Trap  10/17/2019

Rockefeller and the Club of Rome  8/20/2019

Decarbonizing the Economy: Building the Technology Beast System  5/28/2019

Rio 1992: Launch of the New Green Deal  5/16/2019

The Business of Social Control  3/26/2019

World Order  2/25/2019

Privatization of Power  1/12/2019

Gorbachev’s About Face  1/1/2019

A New Narrative for Communism  10/27/2018

National Dismemberment by the Global Raj  9/30/2018

Brave New World  7/17/2018

Grant Theft Country: Treason by Treaty  5/31/2018

The Grand Chessboard of the Trilateralists   5/17/2018

The Science of Communist Infiltration  4/26/2018

Word Games for Treason in the Open  4/22/2018

Oil vs Renewables – Russia vs China  2/7/2018

Rise of the Socialist International  12/13/2017

Cult of the New World Order  10/24/2017

The Movement                  10/23/2017

Pirates, Ports and Treason  10/12/2017

Festival of Horrors  10/6/2017

The Invisible Fist: Military in the Context of Everything Else  9/28/2017

Conquest By System  6/14/2017

Fusing With The Enemy   5/26/2017

No Allies in a Global War of Terror  5/25/2017

Status Report on the Global Technocratic Conspiracy  4/14/2017

The Technocrats War  4/11/2017,  international technology

The New World Order of Lies  4/3/2017,

One World Order with Weaponized Infrastructure  3/22/2017   history, international war on america

Prometheus   3/20/2017  ,  international war on America

Deadly Embrace  3/15/2017,   international war on America

The Script  2/14/2017


Trade Policy Performance  7/19/2017

World Politics

Putin at Valdai – World Order  1/7/2020

1990 Charter of Treason  10/21/2018

Gorbachev’s New World Order                  11/16/2017


Democracy’s True Colors  10/9/2020

Organization of the American States:  A Global Region

Pan American Health Organization 5/24/2022

Save Our Sovereignty 5/12/2022

Globalizing the Great Society  5/11/2022

The Foreign Policy Boomerang 8/20/2021

Kennedy: Regionalizing Latin America  5/20/2020

U.S. – Legal Structure and Constitutional Issues

The Customs Union  12/18/2019

Impeachment: The Issue is not the Issue  12/6/2019

Green Communists, Red Fascists and Management of Regional Jurisdictions  4/7/2019

Fracturing the Nation  2/7/2019

Game Scenarios and the Balance of Power  9/6/2018

Soviet Union of the Americas  1/13/2018

Triple Jeopardy  8/23/2017   constitutional

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